Report Says Nigeria Loses N10.7bn in Power Sector in the First Week...

Report Says Nigeria Loses N10.7bn in Power Sector in the First Week of July


Nigeria’s power sector has lost a total of N10.7 billion in the first week of July 2018, showing an increase of 13 percent compared with N9.3 billion recorded in the last week of June 2018.

A report from the office of the Vice President attributed the massive loss to insufficient gas supply, poor distribution and transmission infrastructure

The report said: “On July 11, 2018, average power sent out was 3,935MWh/hour (up by 111.85MWh/h from the previous day). 2, 046.3MW was not generated due to non availability of gas.

In his words: “115MW was not generated due to unavailability of transmission infrastructure, while 883.1MW was not generated due to high frequency resulting from unavailability of distribution infrastructure. 240MW was recorded as losses due to water management.

‘’The power sector lost an estimated N1, 577, 000, 000 (One billion five hundred and seventy seven million naira) on July 11, 2018 due to insufficient gas supply, distribution infrastructure and transmission infrastructure.

‘’The dominant constraint on July 11, 2018 remained unavailability of gas – constraining a total of 2,046.3MW from being available on the grid. Peak Generation for July 11, 2018 stood at  5, 004MW,” it added.

It further stated: ‘‘Peak Generation to date – 5, 222MW (December 18, 2017). Estimated Amount Lost to Insufficient Gas Supply, Distribution, Transmission & Water Reserves to date in 2018 – N254, 690, 000, 000 (Two hundred and fifty four billion six hundred and ninety million naira only).’’

This has consequently affected the supply of electricity to individuals, households and organisations nationwide.